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Tinking For Make Me Rich.

By Matthew L. Blevins

Most web promotion techniques focus on getting the most possible traffic to your site. Without the proper exposure, no Internet business can survive. But before making your site a popular destination on the web, it is imperative that what your potential clients see when they arrive is professional and well thought out. To insure that your site meets these criteria, the content must be impeccable. The advantages of meeting the aforementioned criteria are threefold, including successful promotion of your product or services, the conveyance of a professional image, and greatly improved chances of obtaining the highest possible search engine ranking.

The last thing a potential customer wants to see when viewing your site is poorly written text or grammatical and typographic errors. This would immediately begin to erode their confidence in your ability to effectively provide the product or service you are attempting to promote. Very few sites can survive solely on the strength of the product or service offered, regardless of how impressive it is. The site text must be well-written and the content of the site should be well organized. The language used to describe products and services should be very persuasive, but not overbearing or extremely obvious. A perfectly written and well-presented site is always more accommodating and increases the likelihood of future visits. It is in this way that your site will be an effective and persuasive storefront through which you can sell the product or service offered by your online business.

But the quest for a well-written site involves more than simply displaying and describing products or services effectively. The web site also offers the business owner the opportunity to present him or herself in a positive light. Because Internet-based businesses do not usually afford the opportunity for face to face meetings, the only impression that you are able to make is through the text and content of your site. Although your product or service may speak for itself in terms of novelty or necessity, the customer's only window to the character of the business owner is what they see and read while on your web site. This means professionalism. This may all seem very obvious, but the message is not so clear to the majority of online entrepreneurs.

For reasons beyond our understanding, the web is viewed as a "loose" medium, one which does not display the professionalism of various print media such as newspapers and magazines. But with the web emerging as a major force in the world's commerce, it is time to rethink this detrimental viewpoint. Businesses can no longer afford to view the web any differently than printed media in terms of scope or professional impact.

That being said, it is important to note the third, and least obvious reason, for very carefully worded text. While repetition is often the trait of a poor or inexperienced writer, repetition of important keywords in the body of your home page is exactly what you will need to obtain a high ranking with the "robot" or "crawler" style search engines. The challenge, of course, is to produce text that meets the criteria of being persuasive and grammatically sound while repeating keywords as often as possible. There is a fine line between producing perfect copy and sounding ridiculous, with the process of attaining perfection being nothing short of an art form.

At this point you may be asking yourself about META keywords, descriptions, and titles, and wondering why you placed them in your home page with such care. The truth is that what you have heard about META tags is correct. If you effectively utilize them, you will definitel

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